In the early morning of Nov13th, Ye Chunhua, director of the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Big Data Development, led the leaders of the Big Data Bureau---Zhao Ying, the Big Data Center ---Zhou Wei, and the Application Department ---Tang Jian, to visit Zhejiang DataCenter Data& Technology. Co., Ltd.(short for DTCT). Tan Xiaogan, Chairman of DTCT took the senior executives warmly welcomed Mr. Ye and his peers.

At the new factory, Mr. Tan gave a detailed report to the leaders of Ye Chunhua and other leaders on the situation of the manufacturing test workshop for precise manufacturing, DCIM host, rack type air conditioner, production power supply and distribution modules of DTCT green intelligent micro data center integrated cabinet. Mr. Ye expressed his affirmation for DTCTs professional production, intelligent manufacturing and independent research and development.

At the DTCT show room, Mr. Tan reported to the leaders of the government on the advantages of the DTCT green intelligent micro data center integrated cabinet and multi-cabinets, modular data center in terms of “highly-efficient, green, energy-saving, safe and reliable, unattended”. and he demonstrated the application in different industries.

Mr. Tan also gave a key demonstration of the DTCT-SecuC green intelligent shielded data center integrated cabinet, which is widely used in secret-related places such as secret government departments and military systems. Because the informationization of the military industry has its own particularity, the state secret information involved in these institutions is large and wide, so the leakage of information and data becomes a huge threat. On the great journey of building “smart military”, DTCT Data Center Solution creates a reliable and confidential green intelligent data center for national military projects.

In the DCIM data center show room, Mr. Ye and other leaders carefully observed DTCT's self-developed dynamic and environment monitoring and IT big data operation and maintenance management platform, as well as remote visualization management. Director Ye expressed his appreciation for DTCT micro data center dynamic online comprehensive collection and monitoring platform scene technology.

In the meeting room, Mr. Tan gave a report on the independent research and development, production and operation performance of DTCT in recent years. When seeing the DTCT micro data center room in China first full-life cycle community standard - "Modular Micro Data Room Construction Standards" and other national copies, Director Ye affirmed this work and inported that: The data center field is still a blue ocean, and the market is very large. I hope that DTCT will speed up product iteration, increase R&D investment, strengthen business model design, lead the industry trend, and aim to be more ambitious, layout 2025 planning, and strive to become a Ten Billion Company!